How many steps does it take to determine bladder volume?
Two steps:
1. Press the button to begin aiming the probe and the system will automatically locate and circle the bladder.
2. Press the button again to obtain a bladder volume measurement.

Unlike many other bladder scanner devices, the VitaScan v.2 automatically take multiple plan scans of the bladder. The user only needs to hold the probe steady and the volume measurement will appear automatically in 3 to 4 seconds.


Can the device be cleaned with chemicals appropriate for healthcare?
Yes, the system can be cleaned using common healthcare cleaners and disinfectants. For a suggested list of cleaners / disinfectants, see the Documentation page on this site and download the Cleaning and Disinfection document.


Can we purchase just the probe and software for our laptop or do we need to buy your complete systems?
Yes, you can purchase just the probe and software and run it on most any Windows-based laptop, tablet, or desktop (XP or higher). You just need an available USB 2.0 (or higher). We highly recommend our complete systems though as we will warranty the entire system and be able to provide technical support, remote access, and other important support capabilities on our entire system. See the Product page on this site for more details on all the available configurations.


What is the policy for ongoing calibration or accuracy checks and how much do they cost?
We recommend (but do not require) annual calibration of the VitaScan v.2. Customers can send in just the probe for calibration at the factory or perform calibration themselves online. Most customers prefer the online calibration, to purchase the Calibration device. See the Product page on this site for more information on the Calibration device. Visit the Documentation page on this site and download the Warranty and Service Policy document for complete details.


What is the warranty?
The VitaScan v.2 and all its components and accessories come with a two-year limited warranty standard. Visit the Documentation page on this site and download the Warranty and Service Policy document for complete information on the manufacturer’s warranty.


What hardware or software upgrades will be needed and what will they cost?
Software and hardware (firmware) upgrades are free while the system is within the standard warranty period (now free for two years from installation!). Customers must renew their standard warranty upon expiration.


Are product training videos available for ongoing staff support?
Yes, there is a brief training video that is loaded directly on the VitaScan v.2 Scanner System. Users can watch it any time right on the Scanner for a refresher. The video can also be viewed on the Demo page on this site and is included on a USB stock included with your system.


Are there special features to help ensure accurate readings?
The VitaScan v.2 measures ultrasonic reflections and its accompanying software uses a very sophisticated algorithm to automatically target and identify the urinary bladder from among surrounding tissue.


Will it be durable and accurate for five + years?
With proper care and maintenance the VitaScan v.2 should have a useful life of five or more years. Because the system is made of separate components (probe, touchscreen, keyboard, printer, etc.), customers can change out components easily over time as needed without have to purchase an entirely new bladder scanner system.


What is the cost of the proprietary battery packs?
Unlike other bladder scanners, the VitaScan v.2 has NO battery pack. Our USB probe draws its power from the tablet or laptop it is connected to. Your total cost of ownership over the years will be much less than other systems.


Is there a mounting or transport accessory to protect the probe from drops and damage?
Yes, all of the VitaScan v.2 cart systems have a special probe holder to protect it from damage and drops when not in use.


How mobile is the device?
The VitaScan v.2 is the most mobile system on the market. Some customers take advantage of this by removing the probe from the cart system and taking it to another site with a laptop in a carrying case. The probe itself weighs only 13.5 ounces.


What is the likelihood of the touchscreen tablet being stolen?
The touchscreen tablet is securely mounted to the cart with mounting plates and screws. It is very secure and would be difficult to remove without effort and time.


What is the accuracy variance of the device?
+/- 10% of value, +/- 20 ml


What is the volume range?
0 – 1000 ml