VitaScan v.2

Portable Ultrasound Bladder Scanner

The VitaScan v.2 is intuitive and accurate Real-Time portable bladder scanner. The device has high-quality imaging alternative to old-style “blind” scanners that merely point users in the direction of the bladder.

With USB connectivity to off-the-shelf Tablets, Laptops, and PCs, the VitaScan v.2 provides a limitless opportunities for connectivity, data storage, EMR integration and future upgrades.

VitaScan v.2 Software is simple to operate. The user control the scanning from one button on the Scanner or with a mouse or a touchscreen. Post Void Residual (PVR) is available in seconds.

There are three scan depth:

10cm: Designed for Children.

16cm: Designed for Adults.

23cm: Designed for Obese adults or large bladders.


Key Features

  • One button controls the scanner start and stop.
  • No sonographer skills needed.
  • Fully automatic multi-plane scans from one position on the body.
  • Auto location and auto tracking of the bladder in real-time.
  • Manual bladder correction mode.
  • Advanced signal and image processing for sharp and clear images.
  • Full-page reports in JPEG and DICOM.
  • Post void residual calculation.
  • Post-test quality indicators help to train users for optimum results.
  • Logging of all scans.
  • Simulator to re-run previous scans and used for end-user training.
  • Physiological anomalies that may affect volume calculation are visualized

How many steps does it take to determine bladder volume?

Two steps:
1. Press the button to begin aiming the probe and the system will automatically locate and circle the bladder.
2. Press the button again to obtain a bladder volume measurement.

Unlike many other bladder scanner devices, the VitaScan v.2 automatically take multiple plan scans of the bladder. The user only needs to hold the probe steady and the volume measurement will appear automatically in 3 to 4 seconds.

What is the accuracy variance of the device?

± 7.5 % on volumes greater than 100 ml¹ *
± 7.5 ml on volumes less than 100 ml¹ *

* Accuracy specifications in accordance with stated instructions, scanning on Vitacon phantom

What is the volume range?

0 – 1000 ml

Can we purchase just the probe and software for our laptop or do we need to buy your complete systems?

Yes, you can purchase just the probe and software and run it on most any Windows-based laptop, tablet, or desktop (XP or higher). You just need an available USB 2.0 (or higher). We highly recommend our complete systems though as we will warranty the entire system and be able to provide technical support, remote access, and other important support capabilities on our entire system. See the Product page on this site for more details on all the available configurations.

Will it be durable and accurate for five + years?

With proper care and maintenance the VitaScan v.2 should have a useful life of five or more years. Because the system is made of separate components (probe, touchscreen, keyboard, printer, etc.), customers can change out components easily over time as needed without have to purchase an entirely new bladder scanner system.