VitaScan PD

Portable Ultrasound Bladder Scanner

The VitaScan PD is intuitive and accurate Real-Time portable bladder scanner. The device has high-quality imaging alternative to old-style “blind” scanners that merely point users in the direction of the bladder.

It has an internal thermal printer, Easy-mode feature that allows for real-time volume calculations, 4-second bootup time and long battery life.

VitaScan PD – A portable bladder scanner. intuative and reliable.

The user controls the scanning from one button on the Scanner or the touchscreen. Easy-mode implemented: get instant volume calculations real-time.

There are three scan depth:

  •  10cm: Designed for Children.
  • 16cm: Designed for Adults.
  • 23cm: Designed for Obese.

Key Features

  • Real-time 3D Ultrasound Bladder Scanner.
  • No sonographer skills needed.
  • One button controls the scanner start and stop.
  • Automatic Urinary Bladder volume calculation in large digits
  • Fully automatic multi-plane scans from one position on the body.
  • Simple, intuitive software with Touch-Screen
  • USB port to save on external memory device
  • Integrated carry handle
  • Integrated thermal printer
  • Battery operated
  • Easy-mode Feature

VitaScanPD Bladder Scanner

How many steps does it take to determine bladder volume?

Two steps:
1. Press the button to begin aiming the probe and the system will automatically locate and circle the bladder.
2. Press the button again to obtain a bladder volume measurement.

Unlike many other bladder scanner devices, the VitaScan LT automatically take multiple plan scans of the bladder. The user only needs to hold the probe steady and the volume measurement will appear automatically in 3 to 4 seconds.

What is the accuracy variance of the device?

+/- 10% of value, +/- 20 ml

What is the volume range?

0 – 1000 ml

Will it be durable and accurate for five + years?

With proper care and maintenance the VitaScan LT should have a useful life of five or more years. Because the system is made of separate components (probe, touchscreen, keyboard, printer, etc.), customers can change out components easily over time as needed without have to purchase an entirely new bladder scanner system.

How long is the battery life?

The VitaScan PD has a powerful battery pack. It can continuously scan for 6hours. This means it can last for a week without recharging under daily normal use.

What operating system does it use?

The VitaScan PD uses a Linux based operating system, we have developed the stripped down OS; This means its very fast and secure.