Non-invasive bladder scanners reduces the number of urinary tract infections across the hospital, and reveals postoperative retention.

The use of Bladder Scanners preserves patients’ intimate sphere. VitaScan LT also supports bladder retraining with clinical data.

Avoid unnecessary catheterization, save time and reduce cost. Learn more about the benefit of using VitaScan LT bladder scanner.

VitaScan LT - Bladder Scanner

Cath or not to Cath

The estimated number of hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) in US hospitals exceeds 1.7 million events annually, leading to an estimated 99,000 deaths. Urinary tract infections account for approximately 40% of all HAIs annually

Real-time Detection

VitaScan LT Software is intuitive and simple to operate. Users control the entire procedure from the button on the Scanner or using a mouse or touchscreen. Post Void Residual (PVR) is available in seconds. Auto Location

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