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We are the bladder scanning company

Vitacon's ultrasound bladder scanners are essential tools that empower healthcare providers to enhance patient care and reduce Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI).

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Our offices are based in Norway, Lithuania, and Minnesota, USA yet we provide global support for our products.

Vitascan cVue
Vitascan cVue

Vitascan cVue

Precision at Your Fingertips

Intuitive & Efficient

Commitment to Cleanliness

Integration Made Simple

Experience precision and reliability with the Vitascan cVue bladder scanner. Designed with hospital environments in mind, its seamless integration ensures that healthcare professionals can optimize patient care efficiently.

Explore the Vitascan cVue bladder scanner with the state-of-the-art volume detection that guarantees accurate measurements.

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About Vitacon

Since 2005, Vitacon has been dedicated to the field of ultrasound bladder scanning. Our ultrasound platform is crafted for straightforward and accurate use.

Vitacon strives to be a reliable choice in bladder scanning, valuing simplicity, consistent quality, and effective support. We make consistent efforts to provide healthcare professionals with practical tools to aid patient care.

This philosophy is also reflected in our customer service, aiming for a hassle-free experience. With our focused approach, Vitacon plays an active role in the evolution of bladder scanning technology.


Vitacon Learning Hub

Introducing our enhanced online training platform. The Vitacon Learning Hub offers comprehensive courses tailored to ensure you and your team master the use of Vitascan bladder scanners.

Dive into a rich repository of best practices for optimal scanning and receive technical training for maintaining your devices. Complete the course and earn your Certificate of Completion, a testament to your proficiency.

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