VitaScan LT

VitaScan LT bladder scanning probe is an adaptable device that can connect to any computer/tablet using 2.0 USB connection. The probe has high-quality imaging quality, and it is specialized for bladder scanning.

VitaScan PD

VitaScan PD is intuitive and accurate Real-Time stand-alone bladder scanner. The device has high-quality imaging alternative to old-style “blind” scanners that merely point users in the direction of the bladder.

Non-invasive bladder scanners reduces the number of urinary tract infections across the hospital, and reveals postoperative retention.

The use of Bladder Scanners preserves patients’ intimate sphere. VitaScan LT also supports bladder retraining with clinical data.

Avoid unnecessary catheterization, save time and reduce cost. Learn more about the benefit of using VitaScan bladder scanner.

The Bladder Scanning Company

Core business in Ultrasound bladder scanning.

Vitacon was founded in 2005 and has its core business in Ultrasound bladder scanning.The products are developed on an unique proprietary ultrasound platform designed for bladder scanning. Vitacon offices are located on 3 sites – Norway, Lithuania and Minnesota, USA. Products are well distributed and supported World Wide. Vitacon goal is to be the preferred Bladders Scanning company when it comes to easiness, quality and support.