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Vitacon Code of Conduct

Vitacon provides innovative and specialized medical ultrasound diagnostic solutions that empower healthcare providers to improve and extend patients quality of life.

Vitacon engaged employees proactively identify and advance in areas that provide optimal values to the customer, supporting the customer in bringing the best solution to the medical clinical field.

Our corporate culture is guided by our Core Values:

We treat each other with respect
We practice open, real communication.
We do listen, and we do respond
We face the challenges with optimism
We do what we say we’ll do.
We innovate and constantly improve.

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Core values

Expectation for partners

Social responsibility

Environmental stewardship

Ethical practices

Environmental stewardship (Continuous Improvement)

Vitacon operates in an environment of respect and trust. We experience when people operate in an environment of trust, they feel safe and empowered to be the best versions of themselves. Our people are passionate about what they do. Participation and actively sharing responsibilities and outcomes, each member can find their own way while being driven to deliver for the team. Passion in our team brings excellence to the table.

brings forth qualities of warmth and strength together. Compassion has great merits since it allows us to perceive things from another individual’s perspective. Too many people tend to see things from their own point of view without caring why someone feels as they do. Vitacon believes that empathy enables both productivity and satisfaction within the company as well as with partners. Once you understand the "Why" behind the perspective, you can more effectively see new things you might not have without compassion.

Vitacon evolve openness to serve the change and encourage ideas for improvement at all levels. We do determine if the positives outweigh the negatives before saying no, and we are willing to test new ideas. By being open-minded new ideas flow and the business tell us what it needs. We readily accept exciting challenges and constantly question traditional approaches in the pursuit of new, superior solutions. Interaction with academic institutions and the scientific community is encouraged, together with the sharing of information relating to benefits which can be derived from our latest research.

Customers: We listen and respond
Our business focuses on finding advanced and cost-effective solutions to meet our customers’ operational requirements. We are proud of our customer responsiveness, standards of service, enthusiasm for and understanding of their business needs. Our objective is always to be considered more as a partner. Our communications with our customers are open and honest. We pride ourselves on being technically clear, accurate and forthcoming. We particularly value and support long-term customer relationships in which mutual trust thrives and successful business flourishes.

With our suppliers we work in partnership to ensure that customers receive value for money. The highest quality standards and timeliness are integral parts of our supply chain in our delivery of products and services. In all circumstances, we make sure that our actions towards and relationship with our business partners are in full compliance with law and regulations, regardless of the complexity or difficulty. The company’s head office will make sure that all employees are well informed and trained to abide by applicable laws and regulations.

Teamwork: Our major strength
As a business we gain strength by leveraging the talents and creativity of our employees through co-operation and teamwork. We draw on the different backgrounds of our employees and the number of centers of excellence around the world to enrich debate and promote strong, international understanding. We encourage the sharing of knowledge and recognize that employees are supportive of their colleagues, helping and guiding others to create a trusting, enjoyable and committed environment.

Our leadership style is to state our operational objectives in a clear and decisive way, within a sensitive and responsible context. We acknowledge that our business success is a direct result of building and nurturing strong teamwork.